Getting started


Welcome to the official documentation for the Mineral framework.

We have divided the documentation into sections, each representing a concept, use case or feature related to the Discord API or the framework ecosystem.

The Dart Language

Mineral is a backend framework developed in Dart as an abstraction of the official Discord API while integrating an ecosystem to facilitate the development of your Discord applications.

Although the Dart language is like a mix between Java and Typescript, we recommend that you experiment with the language itself before you start developing with the Mineral framework.

Read dart documentation


When the application starts, a series of events and actions are established within the initialization process. Learn how the submerged iceberg of the Mineral framework works.


The Mineral framework handles interactions with websocket events and slash commands through dedicated classes and decorators to follow the "single responsibility" concept of the SOLID paradigm as much as possible. We will discuss events, commands, context menus and the use of shared data in your application.


  • I18n - Translate your textual content into the languages of your choice.
  • MongoDB - Communicate with a noSQL mongoDB database
  • Postgres - Soon
  • Redis - Soon
  • Canvas - Soon
  • Cube link - Soon

Help us develop the Mineral framework ecosystem! You can now develop your own packages by following the procedure below.